Welcome to my Bookclub

In June 2016 I decided to create my own Bookclub on Goodreads called Read with Tessa. I wanted to share my love for reading with people from all over the world, but I never expected to I create this amazing little community where we all talk and share our one common hobby/passion. I am so blessed to have over 700 members joining in each month, reading along, sharing their thoughts about our monthly book pick(s) and recommending amazing reads.

We read one or two (mostly YA) books per month. These books are either picked by the members or chosen by me based on requests/anticipated releases. If you feel like joining in, don’t hesitate to!

Here I am going to be posting monthly “wrap-ups” featuring the books we’ve read that month and some of our member’s thoughts. If you wish to read all comments, please go to the Goodreads “Read with Tessa” page which is always linked below.

Moreover, to publishers and publicists, I am currently accepting Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Adult books to feature on my Bookclub. If you are interested is us reading your book, you may send emails to mouireads@gmail.com or you may complete the contact form in the Contact section.

happy reading,

Tessa ♡

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